Honda Civic Si set in 3-way gravel spec.

€5800,- Excl. VAT and shipping

This new Honda Civic Si set in 3-way gravel spec. is over complete and ready to go right away! This set comes with RCV on the front dampers!

High / Low speed adjuster

On dampers equipped with High/Low speed compression adjustment you are able to seperately adjust
the High and Low speed compression damping. The high speed adjuster is actually changing the
medium high speed damping but this is popularly called the high speed.

Rebound adjustment

The rebound adjustment is responsible for traction and stability. When you have lots of small bumps you open the rebound more, if you need more stability you close this adjustment.


All Reiger shock absorbers are equipped with a device called ‘Thermostat’. This tiny device is inside all Reiger dampers since 1995 (!) and compensates the viscosity change between a cold and warm damper. Normally when the damper gets warm the damper oil gets thinner and the damping decreases, the Reiger Thermostat compensates this and keeps the damping on the same level from start to finish. The Thermostat will have an effect on the number of rebound clicks so therefore we advise that, in case you want to check the rebound click setting, you do this with a cold damper so that you always have the same start setup. Once the rebound setting is set you can always change the clicks to in- or decrease the amount of rebound damping. The damper characteristic change per click is the same for a cold or warm damper. Below you will find a graph on which you can see the difference between a normal competition damper and a Reiger damper.

Doule Piston

Reiger Suspension offers two different Double Piston systems, normal Double Piston (DP) and a Hydraulic Double Piston (HDP). Double Piston (DP) is a secondary piston system in the damper. The Double Piston will be activated from a certain damper travel to create a progressive damping at the end of the damper travel. A normal Double Piston system has a fixed start point and a predefined damper characteristic change. Hydraulic Double Piston (HDP) is different there, HDP is a double piston system with a damper speed dependant damper characteristic. On an impact with high damper speed the double piston damping will be stiffer then with a low damper speed. The start point where the double piston comes in is with a high damper speed earlier then with a low damper speed. With HDP the Double Piston operating range is much wider then with a normal Double Piston and with its damper speed dependant characteristic it is there when you need it and not noticeable when it is not required.

The price of this set is: €5800,- Excl. VAT and shipping.