Honda CRF250 / 450 2018 until 2020

€500,- including revision.

This second shock is equipped with a High / Low speed compression adjustment (the purple knob) & Rebound adjuster. With 250 models the damper can be used from 2018 until 2021. With 450 models it is from 2017 until 2020.

Compression adjustment

The compression adjustment is made to balance the stability and traction of your vehicle. When you get your damper from us, the adjustment is always set in the middle.This way you can adjust according to preferences and / or circumstances.

High / Low Speed adjustment

The high/low speed adjustment is made for your compression damping.

Please note that high and low speed refer to the damper speed, not the speed of the vehicle! Low speed compression damping generates more stability, especially for the small bumps. With the high speed compression adjustment you adjusts how the damping reacts on high impacts such as a landing after a jump.

Rebound adjustment

The rebound adjustment is responsible for traction and stability. When you have lots of small bumps you open the rebound more, if you need more stability you close this adjustment.


Rebound Control Valve (RCV) detects whether the wheel is on the ground and adjusts the damping accordingly. This will give you a lot more traction.

The price of this shock absorber is: €500,- including revision and 21% btw.

If you want to know about any other options, feel free to contact us.